Our mission is to help people realise their full potential and improve all aspects of their life’.

If you want to learn self-defence, improve your health, calm your mind and focus, beat stress and learn skills that will enrich your life, you have come to the right place.

We teach Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan which is an internal martial art meaning it is practiced at the energetic and mind level. It is taught using a systematic approach consisting of 12 levels staring at the basics right up to masters level, sparring and weapons. It is a comprehensive fighting art which includes all the four main categories of attack including hitting, kicking, throwing and felling.

Classes are fun, interactive and a development of positive life skills are emphasized. Skills like relaxation techniques, breath control, smiling from the heart, chi flow, internal force training and self-defence.

Classes will recommence in Tralee in September 2021 with Sifu Dominic.

For more information on what Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan is, please visit https://taichimartialart.ie/about/.