The wonderful world of God

Where is God you may ask yourself as you go through life? God is in everything we do. When you look at someone you love dearly, when you smile at a friend, when you look at the stars on a frosty night and feel how beautiful this world really is.

Now we can say where is god when things go wrong, when we lose our job or don’t have enough money to enjoy our lives. Well he is still beside us all the way, we just don’t see him as we are clouded by doubt or feel like we should give up.

At times like these we need to relax and let our energy flow and God will re appear to give us a helping hand. Our heart will open and new opportunities for fulfilment will follow. Life is surely wonderful when we let God flow through. Never doubt God because he never doubts you, he believes in you and all you can become. He wants you to have all he has and be full of love and joy for life as he is.

Smile and feel God in your heart when you need him most and he will never let you down, he is your divine friend now and forever.

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