A Martial Art for Good Health, Self Defence, Focus and Life Skills
It is possible to be relaxed and peaceful in daily life?
It is possible to be relaxed and peaceful in daily life?

It is possible to be relaxed and peaceful in daily life?

Have you ever wondered is it possible to be relaxed and peaceful during your day and what that experience would feel like? Yes, it is and high-level Tai Chi Chuan is the answer. The benefits are quite incredible as you progress through your practice.

Being relaxed and peaceful during the day should be the norm but unfortunately in society today it is not, and because of the emotional and physical demands of work and life, most people experience stress daily which can lead to physical, emotional and mental illness.

The goal

The goal of Tai Chi Chuan practice is to be relaxed as you perform a set, stance, combat sequence or spar with your opponent. You not only relax physically during practice but mentally, emotionally and spiritually also.

Physical relaxation is when you are relaxed and free of tension. Mental relaxation is when you are free from thought and focused on what you are doing. Emotional relaxation is when your emotions do not affect your actions and spiritual relaxation is when you feel free and happy, confident and strong.

It’s all about skills

The skills developed through regular practice can be directly applied to life and work situations. Being relaxed is a wonderful skill to have and apply in all situations.

We also learn how to focus our minds for peak performance, improve our health remarkably, gain confidence and learn self-defence. 

Self-defence is another wonderful skill and it also enables us to have the courage to stand up for ourselves and live the life we deserve.

Kung Fu Etiquette

As Tai Chi Chuan is a form of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kung Fu etiquette is practised during and outside of class. The-ten-shaolin-laws are a set of guidelines we follow to live a good noble life and be an upstanding Tai Chi Chuan warrior. 

Our health and mental well-being are the most important things we have to take care of and finding something that can do this should be our top priority. Making Tai Chi Chuan your daily practice is a great way to do this.