The Ten Shaolin Laws

As a requirement to train Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan all students must agree to follow the Ten Shaolin Laws as best they can. The Ten Shaolin Laws are good guidelines to live a rewarding and meaningful life. The laws are not religious and do not carry any legal binding. The student agrees to follow them… Continue Reading

10 Tips for a happier life

The following are ten points that I use to make my life happier and more fulfilling. I hope you enjoy reading and you find them useful. • Work on improving yourself every day. This endeavour will make your life more wholesome and it will also improve the lives of those around you. • Appreciate your… Continue Reading

The start of my journey

My story begins over ten and half years ago. I was working for myself as a self employed plasterer, engulfed in the Celtic tiger era and the profits that could be made. I neglected my health by over working and pushing beyond my limit. This lead to me feeling very unwell, my blood pressure was… Continue Reading